Cerberus is a carbohydrate called Maltodextrin, of the Cerestar high yield variety. It is essentially a complex carbohydrate derived from wheat through a complex process which arrives at a carbohydrate molecule and is to be used when weight gain is required.

Cerberus is a simple product aimed at incrementing calorific intake whilst having minimalistic effect on the B receptors of the stomach. B receptors operate as feedback system which instructs the brain to turn off our appetite when food hits the stomach, something that you don’t want to happen. Therefore it enables you to consume extra calories without lowering the appetite.

Cerberus is designed to be mixed very easily with protein drinks, cordials, soups or general cooking to increase calorific value.
25g of Cerberus provides 100 cals derived solely from carbohydrates

It is important to remember that 10g of Cerberus is metabolically equivalent to 1 IU of Act rapid soluble insulin; this means that it will increase your levels of energy, and would therefore be good for athletes taking part in an aerobic activity, such as football, rugby, running or swimming.

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