Creatine Monohydrate is the main ingredients of Guardian. Creatine is possibly the world’s largest selling muscle-building supplement. However there are over 20 different grades of Creatine, each grade varies greatly in potency. Guardian does exactly what the name suggests; act as a guardian against muscle tissue loss. In the event that protein is running short your metabolism will use it s creatine reserves before its muscle tissue to replenish vital amino acids (proteins)

Guardian, as with any creatine product, increases APT formation at the muscle fibre site and increases muscle contraction output. Guardian is more than just a muscle contraction product; it is also there to protect us. To prevent the risk of muscle tears Guardian now contains its own rehydration factor (chromo dextrin), this prevents the localised muscle dehydration caused by conventional creatine.


Phase 1 The Loading Phase
For 8 days take 1 gram per 5kg of bodyweight daily in warm solution (water with a little fruit juice) for the following 10 days take 1 gram per 15 kg of body weight

Phase 2 The Protected Phase (or maintenance phase)
On training days only take 1 gram of Guardian per 15kg of bodyweight. If you have a 5 hour period without protein add an additional dos of 1 gram per 15 kg of bodyweight

Phase 3 the Unprotected Phase
This is to allow the bodies systems top metabolically reset. Take no products for 6 days and start at phase 1 again