Ice is a combination of Chromium Pico Late, Vanadyl sulphate and terfenadine hydrochloride

Ice has several functions, it is an appetite stimulant, it increases the transfer of nutrients from the blood into the lymph, it has a direct anabolic action on muscle cells telling them to use the available nutrients to build muscle, and finally it has an anti catabolic component (prevents muscle wastage) shielding against the negative effect of cortisol

Ice stimulates insulin production, which in turn makes you hungry, Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body (builds Muscle) As well as stimulating insulin production we have added an antihistamine to suppress the negative effect of cortisol

Take 3 ice capsules 20 minutes prior to meals times for a 20- day period. ICE is not a product to be used all the time; it is best taken in 20 day cycles, take 10 days off and repeat.

PRICE £14.95