LIV 365

The liver is one of the most remarkable achievements in higher animal physiology. Without it we would not survive. Without its awesome powers of regeneration we would not be able to grow. The liver makes the man!

Did you know that a liver can fully regenerate even if it is killed down to one-sixth of its size? This is a saving grace for modern day living and athletic performance. The size of a person can become directly proportional to the health of that persons liver. Simply dealing with large amounts of protein requires many of the livers primary enzymes.

Even though the liver can regenerate from one sixth it size, a liver that small can not function a fully functioning liver is what an athlete needs.

LIV365 was developed in India for horses. If a horse eats certain leaves those leaves can be poisonous. The horse becomes sick and can die. The LIV365 formulation was developed as a raw liquid. This would get a sick horse back on its feet within an hour.

This technology has now been transferred to greyhounds with similar success and now we have pioneered a version of the original formula for human consumption.

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