What it is, what it does & how to use it.
Ravager IV is a blend of proteins, namely whey isolate, whey concentrate, soy isolate and hydrolysed wheat. We have blended the proteins in such a way as to ensure you get all 22 amino acids in the correct ratios, thus ensuring optimum absorption and maximum muscular gains
Ravager IV helps to build muscle, it aids recovery after a workout or training session and if used through out the day keeps the body in positive nitrogen balance. This means that it is helping to repair the muscle broken down whilst training and also aiding muscular growth. Protein builds muscle, and the best protein builds it faster.
Ravager IV is best when mixed with water, the reason for this is to ensure you don’t damage the amino acid profile, if you mix it with another protein source, such as milk, you will compromise the amino acid balance and decrease the absorption rate.
Protein per serving is 85 grams
Flavours are Chocolate Banana Strawberry & Vanilla

Price 2.25 kilo £49.99

Price 1 kilo £27.99