Because L-glutamine makes up 31% of human muscle tissue it is clear that it is a serious priority in an athlete’s armoury. Under clinical trial the high L-glutamine content of Ravager is compromised by gut lining scavenging, the stomach lining is also made of L-glutamine and a large portion of the L-glutamine we eat never makes it to our muscles as it is used to repair that lining. Taking Scavenger on a daily basis can prevent this.

Scavenger is the safest way to deliver a high quantity of L-glutamine to our systems. Freeform L-glutamine is poisonous. It must come as nature intended, as part of a protein peptide. So we started the search for the Holy Grail to find the peptide that contained the most L-glutamine.

L-glutamine has a wide of positive functions once it is in our systems and the effective use of it will make a large difference to level of success experienced by athletes.

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