We are trying to achieve two things with a pre workout drink:

  1. To enhance the potential of the post workout window.
  2. To increase the performance during the anabolic stage of the workout and protect us from entering the catabolic stage.


Species is excellent at the first objective and good at the second.  It does little to protect us from entering the catabolic stage.  This is the role of another product, Panspermia.

By adding a high dose of Chromium picolinate and the glycogenic amino acid premix we stimulate insulin.  It is insulin that drives the amino acids of the post workout meal into the lymph, the liquid that surrounds our muscle cells.

Carbs are definitely needed during and after a workout.  Because of this, to consume them after the workout is too late.  They have to be in place before the workout starts.  Hence, the reasoning being the Biohazard workout strategy.  Take the carbs 20 minutes before training in the form of 1g per KB bodyweight of Species

It is a delicious orange flavour pre workout preparation.

Each tub 300g