At Team Biohazard we have cultured a disease, more dangerous than before, more infectious, likely to reach epidemic proportions. The Virus is our latest product in the war against fat. Once contracted you will develop a fever, very hot. Hot enough to melt the fat from your body. Patients typically burn fat before their very eyes with The Virus.

This is the best thermogenic formulation on the planet. A potent blend of herbs and metabolic stimulants.

First we had Extreme Heat, it worked. Then we had Meltdown that worked well. Now we have The Virus. We believe this is the most potent product of its kind.

This product is a refined version of a thermogenic Paul developed more than five years ago. It was called T5. The ingredients are natural, the effects are devastating. Do not exceed the stated dose, and as with all neuroceuticals keep well away from children.

PRICE £24.95