Coaching starts from as low as £50 per month, our coaching team offers a full A to Z road map to success.  You will have all dietary advice training advice and much more. At Team Biohazard we give 110% to all our athletes, as it is the reputation of Team Biohazard that is on the line. We will not let you down. As long as you do what is asked we guarantee you success in journey to the complete athlete. We have coached all walks of life,and in all sporting areana's..Such as-Bodybuilding-Powerlifing-Rugby-fitness-cycling mand many more.



Please feel free to contact the CoachingTeam whether it be for just a quick quiery or or a full blown conversation about your sport,diet or training needs.

    Phil is one of our athletes that has shown true dedication to what we have asked of him, He started at an unhealthy 23 stone and over a period of nealy 2 yrs we have got him down to a 14.5 st contest weight. This guy has shown what can be achieved by true dedication and we are happy to have been a big part of improving his quality of life and over all happiness. The next stage for Phil is to gain another stone of good quality muscle, all the best to him and thanks for sticking with us matey.  
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